The Little Pet Lodge

Pet Boarding at The Lodge

Pet Boarding for Rabbits and Guinea-pigs

We offer a home from home pet boarding experience for all your furry friends in the heart of Cheshire. All of our hutches are at least 4' in length and are kept in a sheltered area away from the wind and rain, the fronts of these are covered over with blankets at night for added security and to prevent drafts. All hutches are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between stays.

We have a number of sizable outdoor runs which visitors can make use of (depending on weather conditions and availability)
. Shade and water will of course be provided for any animal making use of these.


Pet Boarding for Mice, Rats, Gerbils and Hamsters

We offer a safe and warm environment inside our own home for your small furries. We can provide cages for your pets or if you prefer we will happily use your pets home. We an also offer a pick up and drop off service which gives you more time for packing !

Pet Boarding for Chinchillas and Ferrets

We love Chinchillas and cheeky Ferrets and offer a safe and warm environment in our own home for them. Daily interaction, fun and frolics guaranteed! We please ask that for these breeds the pet is transported and housed in its own cage.

Pet Boarding for your Feathered friends

Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lorikeets, Rosellas, Lovebirds, Budgerigars, Canaries and Finches, all are welcome at the Little Pet Lodge. Owners are asked to provide their own cages. Daily interaction and choir singing encouraged.

Food & Water

We ask that owners bring enough of their pets' dried food to last the stay, we will supply daily fresh fruit and veg to your preference. Clean hay will be constantly replenished throughout the stay. Water can be provided via a standard rodent water bottle or bowl (depending on preference) in both hutches and outdoor runs.

Bedding for our furry friends

We generally use a newspaper under-layer with straw as a substrate, however if you'd rather we use a different type of bedding for your pet(s) just bring a supply along with you at the beginning of the stay and we'll use that instead. All hutches are frequently spot-cleaned and get a complete change of bedding on a weekly basis.