The Little Pet Lodge

Home Pet Sitting Services

We offer a variety of pet sitting services in and around the Cheshire area to ensure that whilst your away your animals are kept safe and well cared for. As we are a small animal boarding centre we can not cater for larger animals but we can offer you our Home Pet Sitting Services. This ensures that your pet gets the very best of care whilst you are away in the safety or familiarity of your own home. Safety first : All team members have had a CRB check.

Feline Friends Sitting Service

As beloved as our feline friends are, they own us and not the other way round. Therefore it can be quite upsetting taking them away from their usual stomping ground and being put into a 4 walled cage. They like the freedom to roam around and visit their other 4 legged friends. We offer an inhouse service where we can visit your cat on a daily basis to provide fresh food, fresh water and of course cuddles. We arrive in plain clothes with no advertising on our vehicle so no one knows your planning to go away. We ask that you leave sufficient cat food and litter - nothing else is required! We use our own cleaning equipment and rubbish bags. 


Happy Hens Sitting Service

Keeping chickens is an endearing pass time which is growing increasingly popular. We can offer a service to feed your ladies, give them fresh water and of course clean them out if required.


Pet Collection

Too busy packing to drop off your pet ? No problem we are more than happy to come and pick your pet up. We charge a simple per mile rate to cover our costs. Its £2 for the first mile and only 50p thereafter.

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