The Little Pet Lodge

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all aspects of The Little Pet Lodge business and its services. By referencing The Little Pet Lodge we are including all aspects of the business, its services and premises.

A contract will be deemed as active once a booking has been received by The Little Pet Lodge (via email, phone or post). A hutch / pen will only be secured once email confirmation has been received. When we receive such booking we will divert you to this website to read through these terms. You will be asked to confirm that you agree with these terms and conditions when you arrive at the Little Pet Lodge. Failure to agree to these terms and conditions will result in you cancelling your booking.

We may ask for a non - refundable deposit to confirm your hutch during peak times. We will only hold bookings for 7 days without a deposit during our peak. If your deposit is not received in this time then the hutch/s will be released to other potential bookings. Deposits can be paid via cash or paypal.

 If you cancel two separate bookings then we reserve the right to refuse your custom for future bookings.

If for any reason The Little Pet Lodge has to cancel your booking we will endeavour to give you 72 hours notice and you will be fully refunded any payments that you have made to us for the booking.

Collections and departures will be made via appointment. If you are unable to make the appointment or you are running late then please let us know, we may need to rearrange the appointment time. Failure to keep us informed may result in us being unavailable to deal with your pets needs.

All payments must be made on the day of arrival (less any deposit paid). We accept cash or paypal. Cheques and credit / debit cards are not accepted.

If you fail to collect within 7 days of the departure date and The Little Pet Lodge is unable to contact you or your emergency contact, you give your consent for The Little Pet Lodge to take what action necessary we deem appropriate in respect to your pet(s). By signing the booking form you agree to pay all costs incurred during this period and what ever action is deemed necessary to recover these costs.

New customers will be expected to bring proof of address when bringing their pet for the first time. Failure to provide such information may result in us not accepting your pet.

The Little Pet Lodge reserves the right to refuse any pet if we feel they are showing signs of disease, injury, illness or pregnancy. This is completely at the choice of the staff at The Little Pet Lodge. Upon arrival a brief health check will be taken on your pet. Any pet seen to have skin problems, parasites or any other contagious ailment or condition that may put other animals at risk will be assessed and may result in your pet being refused entry and boarding.

We prefer rabbits to be vaccinated against Myxomatosis and VHD, and protected against fly strike, however we will accept pets that aren't. Whilst every effort is make to vigorously clean the hutches equipment between guests we can not guarantee that they will be infection free. This is why it is your responsibility to ensure that  your pet is protected from disease and infection. Therefore if you are boarding your rabbit with us without vaccinating please be aware that we can not guarantee that it will not come into contact with the above mentioned diseases / infections.

Any existing medical conditions must be discussed prior to your pets stay. Each case will be taken into account. If your pet does have any medical problems, illnesses or injuries please provide the details of their condition/s when filling out the enquiry form / booking form. We will not accept any pet that is showing signs of an undisclosed illness or condition.

If your pet does become ill whilst boarding at the Little Pet Lodge, we will endeavour to contact you or your emergency contact. If we are unable to contact you or your emergency contact then we will obtain vet treatment for your pet from the vet of our choice, and proceed with the animals best interests at heart. We will take the advice of the vet first and foremost. Any treatment required will be payable by you upon your collection of the pet. By signing the booking form you agree to pay any vet costs that your pet incurs. These must be settled before your pet will be released, either via paypal or cash on collection.

We will take no responsibility for any pets pregnancy. All animals are housed in separate accommodation and at no time will they come into contact with any other animal other than those that you have agreed to have board with them.

Sadly any animal can pass away with very little warning or very quickly after showing signs of illness. If this does happen we will contact you, or your emergency contact immediately to discuss your wishes should your pet pass away whilst in our care. We accept NO LIABILTY in the unlikely event that this does happen to your pet. You may be liable for any vet fees including cremation charges.

All pet owners must accept and agree that by signing the booking form they accept that accident, injury, illness, death, theft and public liability, and all other insurances for both the pet owner (or any other party) and their animal whilst visiting,  boarding / taking the homecare option with The Little Pet Lodge are the sole responsibility of the pet owner and that The Little Pet Lodge is released of any and all such liabilities. Therefore by entering into this agreement you understand that you negate the opportunity to seek compensation for any accident, injury, illness, death, theft and/or public liability of either the pet and/or the owner(s) whilst on route to The Little Pet Lodge, using any of our services or whilst visiting the premises of The Little Pet Lodge. You will hold neither the Little Pet Lodge or its staff liable or responsible in these instances.

We do not take responsibility for any items left or damaged at The Little Pet Lodge, or whilst using our services. All items are left at the pet owners own risk.

All visitors to The Little Pet Lodge must accept and agree that they accept that accident, injury, illness, death, theft and public liability, and all other insurances whilst visiting The Little Pet Lodge are their own responsibility.

The term pet owner relates to not only the owner of the pet but also anyone else associated with that pet, for example the emergency contact, a child / children, other nominated person who drops off the pet. This list is not exhaustive.